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New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Name: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Division: Pollution Prevention Unit
URL: http://www.dec.ny.gov/25.html
Social Media:
Profile: Promotes multi-media pollution prevention in order to protect New York State's environment and enhance the health and welfare of its citizens.
Address: 625 Broadway
4th Floor
Albany, NY
Phone: 518-402-9469
Fax Number 518-402-9168
Contacts: John Vana - Director   518-402-9469
Aida Potter - P2 Intern Coordinator   518-402-9163



Compliance, Environmental Management (ISO 14000), Environmental Policy, Permits, Pollution Prevention


Awards, Grants in Aid, Hotlines, Inspection, Intern Programs, Internet, Library, Research, Site Assessments, Workshops

Program Types:

State Government