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Archived: P2Rx no longer updates the narrative information, however the links are maintained.

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Case Studies in Environmental Medicine: Lead Toxicity
Contains information on who's at risk for lead poisoning, exposure pathways, biologic fate, physiolo...

Toxicological Profile for Lead
Provides detailed information on the chemical and physical properties of lead; health effects of lea...

Welcome to the Lead Topic Hub™, a guide to basic information with links to additional on-line resources.

Background and Overview
Information on lead and lead poisoning.

Lead in Products
Information on uses of lead in products.

Health Effects
Health effects information useful for communicating risks of lead to the general public.

Regulations & Policies
Information on federal regulations focused on the prevention of lead releases to the environment.

Lead Prevention
Information on how to prevent lead exposure and alternatives to lead products.

Assistance Activities
Information on the activities of assistance programs.

Where To Go for Help
List of experts in the northeast and nationally that can answer any questions you weren’t able to answer by using this topic hub.

Complete List of Links
Lists all resources cataloged in this hub. If you know of resources relating to this topic, please let us know. We will review all suggestions and include them in the hub if they provide non-biased information not currently covered.


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Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association
Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association
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Hub Last Updated: 10/8/2013