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Archived: P2Rx no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

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Welcome to the Sustainable School Design Topic Hub™, a guide to basic information with links to additional on-line resources.

Background and Overview
This section contains information on the nature of the problem and reasons for focusing on sustainable school design and its contributions to preventing pollution.

This section addresses the big issues of construction and retrofitting, siting and commissioning, and actual design of new and remodeled schools.

P2 Opportunities
This section identifies stewardship strategies that reduce pollution for both new and established schools.

Alternative Technologies
This section details best sustainable design components for schools that includes lighting, acoustics, air quality and requirements for students and school staff to create a healthy and safe learning environment.

Case Studies
This section will identify schools and school districts that are setting examples in sustainable school design as well as retrofitting older buildings.

Glossary of Terms
Terms commonly used in both sustainability and pollution prevention are defined.

This section focuses on teacher training, curricula, college and graduate level programs, community outreach, student-led community projects and admistrator education.

Key Contacts
This section lists key individuals and organizations able to assist with questions related to pollution prevention and sustainable school design. Additional contacts are available in the GLRPPR Contacts Database.

This section acknowledges contributions of pollution prevention experts to this topic hub.

Complete List of Links
Lists all resources cataloged in this hub. If you know of resources relating to this topic, please let us know. We will review all suggestions and include them in the hub if they provide non-biased information not currently covered.


The Topic Hub™ is a product of the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx)

The Sustainable School Design Topic Hub™ was developed by:

Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable
Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable
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Hub Last Updated: 8/2/2012